Engaging the Private Sector in Zambia’s Development – Opportunities For Zambian Business

BCC event on engaging with the private sector 10-15

On 29 October the British Chamber of Commerce in Zambia held an event on ‘Engaging the Private Sector in Zambia’s Development’ at the Taj Pamodzi hotel. The event was moderated by Bob Liebenthal and presentations were made by:

  • Annelies Raue, the economist from from DFID
  • Alessandro Mariani, the Ambassador at the Delegation of the EU in Zambia
  • Brian Mtonya, the private sector specialist from the World Bank
  • Ayana Angulo the lead procurement officer from USAID
  • Peter Rasmussen, the economist from the African Development Bank.

The five informative presentations covered the current country strategies and activities in Zambia of these four cooperating partners and the main African development finance institution, how Zambia’s private sector can benefit from doing business with them and the various facilities available to our private sector, in terms of grant support and investment and financing facilities. They pointed out that many of these facilities are available to Zambian companies wanting to do business and, or invest in other countries. An active discussion followed.

Below are documents from several of the speakers and more will be added as they become available. Alternatively visit the organisations relevant websites