Business Opportunities with the BCCZ

Welcome to the Business Opportunities page of the BCCZ. Here, we highlight opportunities for our members in Zambia and the UK, fostering international trade and collaboration.

For members of the BCCZ:

  1. Seeking UK services, technology, or partners: Connect with service providers, technology experts, or business partners from the UK and the global chambers’ network.
  2. Offering services to incoming investors: Promote your services to investors looking to establish a presence in Zambia or the surrounding region.

For members of British Chambers of Commerce in the UK:

  1. Seeking goods and services for import: Identify goods and services offered by members of the British Chamber of Commerce in Zambia for import to the UK.
  2. Finding partners, agents, or distributors in Zambia: Explore opportunities to partner with, or find agents and distributors within Zambia.
  3. Offering goods and services to Zambian companies: Promote your goods and services to businesses in Zambia.

Submit your business opportunity

To feature your business opportunity on this page, please email us at with the following details:

  • Company profile: A brief profile of your company.
  • Opportunity description: A brief description of what you are seeking or offering.
  • Contact information: A contact name, email address, and telephone number.
  • Company logo: A high-quality image of your logo (optional).