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Dear Members,

This may be of interest to some of you. Please contact the organisers directly if you wish to attend, and or, exhibit.

To participate, register online at Kindly confirm your participation not later than 31st July, 2022 to secure your place. For more information contact the Help Desk on +260977394234 or +260975210218. We look forward to your participation.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s Birthday Celebration

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s Birthday Celebration

British High Commissioner to Zambia Nicholas Wooley and Energy Minister Peter Kapala were in attendance at Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s birthday celebration help in Lusaka on May 24, 2022.

Her Majesty’s birthday attracted key people including senior government officials, foreign dignitaries, members of the business community, members of the press and many more.

Open consultation: Designing the UK trade preferences scheme for developing nations

Dear Members,

The UK Government is seeking views on proposed changes to the trade preference scheme which reduces or removes import tariffs for 70 developing countries. 

Please go to where you will find the Consultation page.

Further details are:

We want to know what you think about proposed changes to the UK’s trade preference scheme. This is currently known as the UK Generalised Scheme of Preferences (GSP).

In particular, we want to hear your views on:

  • rules of origin requirements for least developed countries (LDCs)
  • reducing tariffs for low income and lower-middle income countries
  • the approach to goods graduation, which suspends reduced rates on some goods
  • the conditions and reporting requirements for low or lower-middle income countries

The new UK preferences scheme (the Developing Countries Trading Scheme) will take effect in 2022.

Consultation documents

We would prefer to receive responses using our online questionnaire tool.

The statement of direction provides details on the policy proposals.

The information pack sets out technical information and policy background on the UK GSP.


BCCZ members are cordially invited to attend the stakeholder’s engagement virtual zoom meeting on the electronic Rules of Origin where the Zambia Revenue Authority shall raise awareness and carry out step-by-step training on how to use the system.

Kindly share the link with your colleagues up to a maximum of eighty (80) participants to enable them participate.   

The virtual zoom meeting will commerce at 09:00 – 13 hours on 22nd February 2021 as per the attached public notice

ZRA Host is inviting you to join the scheduled Zoom meeting by clicking the link below OR right-click the link and select Open Hyperlink.

URGENT! Commonwealth Points of Light Awards

URGENT! Commonwealth Points of Light Awards

Dear members,

Please be advised that the British High Commission have asked members of the chamber to help identify nominees from Zambia for the Commonwealth Points of Light Award.

What is the Points of Light Award?

The Points of Light awards recognise outstanding volunteers – people whose service is making a difference in their communities and whose story can inspire others to creative, innovative solutions to social challenges in their own communities and beyond.

So far Zambia has had two recipients of the awards:

  • Michelle Chimuka – The founder of the ‘Sani Foundation’ which supports the inclusion of people with learning disabilities in society.
  •  John Zimba – A Chevening Alumnus and teacher by profession who founded the Chiparamba Trust in Chipata district. The Trust runs a community school that helps raise literacy levels in the community. All staff at the community school work on a voluntary basis.

We would like you to nominate individuals you feel are deserving of the award.

These individuals must be providing solutions to social challenges on a voluntary basis (without getting any allowance or pay for their work).

Suggestions should be sent by email to Tresford Mumba [] in the form of a 200-300 word submission which includes:

  1. A brief biography of the individual;
  2. A description of their volunteering activity;
  3. Relevant statistics of how many people in their community they are inspiring or supporting with their work;
  4. Details of their impact and innovation;
  5. And if possible a high quality landscape photograph. 

Awards Package

Winners will receive a personalised certificate signed by The Queen and wherever possible, the High Commissioner will present the certificate, on behalf  of The Queen. Winners will also be linked with existing Points of Light in the UK and America to share best practice and inspire others.

Kindly note that at this stage you don’t have to inform your nominees that they are being considered for the nomination.

Deadline for nominations is close of business on 8th August 2019.

We sincerely apologise for the short notice.

For any queries or clarifications please contact Tresford on Tel: +260 211 423 200 or


Sales Tax vs VAT – Best Way Forward

Sales Tax vs VAT – Best Way Forward

On Tuesday 16th October 2018, the British Chamber of Commerce in conjunction with the Economics Association of Zambia hosted several sector experts, academics, members of the press and other stakeholders at a public forum discussion to explore the 2019 national budget and dissect the proposed introduction of Sales Tax to replace the long standing Value Added Tax (VAT).

Panelists on the night included;

  • KPMG Zambia – Head of Tax and Partner, Michael Phiri
  • International Growth Centre (IGC), Twivwe Siwale
  • Consumer Unit Trust Society (CUTS) – Coordinator, Chenai Mukumba
The event was attended by a capacity crowed of 300 people from various sectors.  Unfortunately representatives from Ministry of Finance and the Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) were unable to attend.


Following detailed presentations and open floor discussions, the general consensus was that Value Added Tax is the more effective tax system compared to the proposed Sales Tax.

However, the meeting agreed that despite having an edge over Sales Tax, the Value Added Tax system was imperfect and needed some fine tuning (such as making supplies to the mines zero rated to avoid the subsequent problem of refunds) to maximise the system’s efficacy.

There were concerns about the cascading potential of Sales Tax and whether it would achieve an objective of widening the tax base.
Once details about the Sales Tax system have been created, there will be need to hold another public discussion, hopefully with Government representatives present to help address the above mentioned concerns.
Below are the three main presentations that were made by KPMG, CUTS and IGC available for download:
Like and follow the British Chamber of Commerce Facebook page and website for updates on this and other trade related issues. 

Trade and Investment Mission to Finland Invitation

Invitation to Finland

Trade and Investment Mission to Finland Invitation

The Zambia Development Agency, and  Embassy of Finland in Lusaka, are organising a Trade and Investment Mission to Finland  scheduled for May 2018.

The aim of the mission is to foster development cooperation between the two governments; as well as trade and investment cooperation between private sector companies in economic sectors such as mining, renewable energy and waste management.

The mission is a follow up to the inward bound investment mission from Finland that we hosted in September 2017.

The mission is particularly designed to facilitate joint ventures and identify match making opportunities with Finish companies.

In view of this, we wish to invite you to attend this mission to Finland. If interested, you will be expected to submit detailed profiles of your businesses or projects. The profiles are meant to help organisers identify suitable business to business partnerships.

*Kindly note that you will be expected to bear all expenses related to your travel such as airfare, accommodation and insurance.

For more details about participation, kindly contact Mr. Jones Zulu on +260977543080 or

Zambia’s Public Debt: The Elephant in the Room

On 26 October, the Zambia Institute for Policy Analysis and Research (ZIPAR) held a conference on Zambia’s Public Debt.
The key speakers at the event were:
  • Alfredo Baldini – IMF
  • Caesar Cheelo – ZIPAR
  • Florence Banda-Muleya – ZIPAR
  • Shebo Nalishebo – ZIPAR
plus views from the following stakeholders:
  • Bankers’ Association of Zambia
  • Zambia Fruit and Vegetables Association
  • Zambia Association of Manufacturers


The available presentations can be downloaded below.