In the last BCCZ Webinar event, members discussed how the communication landscape has changed since the outbreak of COVID-19, and how best businesses can best position themselves with the right communication strategy.

The discussion ranged from innovation in the face of adversity, communication clarity and choosing the right platform for companies to communicate their messages.  Here are some of the key items that were discussed:

Creativity and Innovation are the key commodities

Now more than ever, the premium is in the communication strategy a company employs and that means adapting to the new normal through creativity and innovation. This is simpler for some brands than others, but it is still an opportunity for all companies with a bit of ingenuity.

Social Media will play an important role in vital brand communication

With print newspapers cutting print runs, during this period, social media will be the one channel of communication that will probably not experience a slowdown. Now is the time to double down on your digital strategy, and maximize the ways consumers can interact with you online.

Communication needs to be empathetic

At this time, while people are uncertain about what is happening, and what to expect, being empathetic to their needs and fears will let you be more understanding as to what type of messages will be appreciated.

Putting employees first before your bottom-line

At this time, it’s hard to balance the books, with less income. But now’s the time to consider employee welfare above the bank balance.


Providing updates and information in this time of uncertainty can help ease anxiety, and assist people in adapting their way of life. From working away from the office to homeschooling, people are finding their lives disrupted. Brands can help tackle that.

Brand equity and perception of your company have never been more important

One of the things your company is best positioned to do during this time is to help. Working from home, brick-and-mortar stores closing, and a run on some essential goods are causing constant disruptions large and small. Offering a helping hand when a client or customer is feeling overwhelmed will not only show them you are a caring, capable company, it’s the right thing to do.

It’s not easy to get the message right, and many companies will stumble on their way. The important thing is to develop a plan with these ideas in mind, move forward, and be ready to learn along the way. The Chamber is helping counsel members across a range of industries on how to communicate in ways that are authentic and effective.


We welcome your questions or insights on your own experiences.